The Bridesmaids Had No Dresses-but Were the Damages Sought Speculative?

Defendant failed to complete eight bridesmaids dresses until two hours after the ceremony was scheduled to begin, when they were delivered by the groom. As a result of this delay, plaintiff incurred a host of delays for which she incurred expenses, including a delay in the bride’s appearance from the rented limousine, so as not to break the tradition of not being seen by the groom or guests before the ceremony. For these expenses, the court awarded plaintiff damages. However, for the wedding parties’ inability to have pictures taken in the scenes scheduled and for the bridesmaids wearing different clothing in different pictures, no award would be made as no amount could be reasonably fixed as damages for these items. The court also rejected damages for emotional distress, finding that plaintiff “failed to meet the high threshold required in proving” this claim because defendant’s failure to deliver the dresses was “not so outrageous in character and extreme in degree that it exceeds all bounds tolerated by a decent society which is of a nature calculated to cause, and does cause, serious mental distress.”

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