Commercial and Business Litigation/Appeals/Arbitration

Our litigation practice covers a wide range of often complex matters, including contract, corporate, and business disputes, including employment, trademark, copyright, trade secrets and Internet-related matters. Our clients are as diverse as the work we handle.

Our approach to potential litigation is multifaceted. We first learn as much as we can about your business objectives or individual needs and what you hope to accomplish by retaining us. Only after that do we discuss the issues of the dispute or problem, including a thorough discussion of the choices and goals. We then together develop a plan with which to approach the matter. We also discuss how to approach the matter as efficiently and effectively as possible and consider which goals may warrant or require larger expenditures.

An important element often ignored is a party’s overall loss even when they win their case. It may be that the other party is judgment proof. Or, it is sometimes the case that proceeding with contentious litigation can disrupt businesses and end relationships.  Although difficult, a party wronged should look down the road at the potential benefits of salvaging a relationship for the overall benefit of all parties involved. Where that is the case, a harshly drafted complaint laying out each and every issue may be replaced by a letter explaining the problems and offering options for their resolution. In this situation, mediation or arbitration may be another option to consider in place of extended litigation.

We also act as appellate counsel for attorneys that have received an adverse decision at the trial level.

We cannot guarantee an outcome, but we promise our concern, devotion, and hard work to achieve the results you want.

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